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You could win $50,000 for filing your taxes with Credit Karma this year

As the deadline to file your taxes has just been pushed back from April to July, you still might want to file early, because Credit Karma is currently giving users a chance to win $50,000 for doing just that.

The tax software company’s $50k sweepstake, which runs until March 31st, will allow you to win the grand prize for doing something you’ll need to do eventually anyway: file your taxes. Did we mention it’s completely free to use the service?

To be eligible for the promotion, you’ll need to use Credit Karma Tax to file your 2019 federal tax return and sign the accompanying consent form.

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Why file with Credit Karma?

Credit Karma is quickly becoming a household name, as the company has been supplying free credit scores for a number of years now.

The firm’s Credit Karma Tax service allows you to file your taxes online for free – all you have to do is sign up for a Credit Karma account. The company also has support staff available to help you with any problems you might run into while filing.


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