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Xiaomi’s latest HIMO Z16- Foldable Electric Bicycle in pictures

Xiaomi newly put up a new Himo Z16 foldable-electric bicycle for crowdfunding on the Youpin platform. The bike seems to have drawn some inspirations from the Himo H1 ultra foldable bike. However, it adopts bigger sizes than the H1. The design as well improves on the functionality as this is a motorized- bicycle with pedals. This ensures you get pedal assistance when the battery runs out. Himo Z16 Foldable Electric Bicycle

The HIMO Z16 adopts a 3 fold design that allows the central- body, the foot pedals, and the bicycle’s handlebar to collapse. The bike also has an aluminium alloy frame, which is relatively light. The entire bike also weighs 22.5kg thanks to the materials from which it is built. The low-weight exerts less load on the battery hence preserving the battery life-.

Just like every other electric bike, there is an LCD- display which shows the working parameters such as battery power, mileage, speed in real time and additional information. The instrument cluster has an IP7- waterproof rating.

Also, the power-assisted bicycle can be used in 3 different modes; full-electric power, power-assisted riding and manual modelling. On the full electric power mode, it has a mileage of 55km on a full charge. This can be extended to an 80km distance in the assisted way. The bike packs a removable 18650 automotive grade lithium battery, which can achieve both high power and long lasting output. The battery can be fully- charged in 5 hours.

To ensure the safety of the raider, the HIMO Z16 adopts a dual disc brake system, which is an impressive one, unlike most e-bikes, which use drum brake at the rear. The Z16 also utilizes high wear-resistant CST tire, which is similar to what you’ll find on professional electric vehicles. The tires also have a firm grip, which prevents skidding and help achieve excellent braking-effects. The headlight and brake- lights are located in front and rear parts of the mid-frame. There is also a red- reflector under the seat to ensure that the bike is visible to traffic from behind at night. Himo Z16 Foldable Electric Bicycle

Due to the national standard in China, HIMO Z16’s speed does not exceed 25km/h. The bike is available in 4 stylish colours, which both male and female folks will as well find appealing.

For 2,499 Yuan-(~$352), this is indeed a fantastic bike that delivers extraordinary value at an excellent price. There is no word concerning when this model would be available outside China. moreover, since the Himo H1 was launched on Indiegogo currently, the Z16 may also become available on the crowd-funding platform in no distant time. Meanwhile, you can however check out more pictures of the Himo-Z16 e-bike from below.


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