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Xiaomi Youpin released the Viomi IH Sugar-free Rice Cooker


Xiaomi Youpin has launched the Viomi IH Sugar-free Rice Cooker. The smart home gadget comes with a substantial price tag of 1199 yuan ($168), but a new product coupon is available, which brings down the price to 599 yuan ($84). Viomi IH Sugar-free Rice Cooker

The Viomi IH Sugar-free Rice Cooker uses IH heating technology and iron kettle pot. Compared with traditional rice cookers, the IH electromagnetic heating technology can also form a three dimensional heat vortex inside the container, just like cooking rice with firewood. This ensures that every grain of rice is thoroughly heated and evenly cooked.

The pot is equipped with about 316 filter holes, which makes it easy to separate the rice from the water or soup as the case may be. Combined with the siphon principle, the excess starch is dissolved into the rice soup repeatedly. The steamed rice has a low sugar content and is fluffy.

The pot uses five layers of a high-density fine cast-iron bladder, weighing 2.6 kg. The bladder is cast through multiple complex processes. The iron layer is thicker, and the magnetic permeability is more substantial. The iron bladder continues to heat up overall, improving cooking efficiency.

The Viomi IH Sugar-free Rice Cooker comes with 15 built-in classic recipes. All you need to do is to connect the rice cooker with your mobile phone, open the app, and select the method you desire. It also comes with eight built-in gourmet functions. In addition to cooking rice, you can also make cakes, porridge, clay pot rice, soup, and so on.

In addition to steaming rice, the Zhenmi Desaturated Health Steam Rice Cooker as well combines steaming, cooking, braising, and stewing altogether. You can make and get soup and stew with one click. It also has a 12hour smart appointment function.

In terms of design, Zhenmi Desaturated Health Steam Rice Cooker has a capacity of 3L and adopts an independent magnetic suction rice soup box design, which makes extraction more convenient. The removable upper cover is suitable for cleaning without hiding dirt and dirt; the steam valve can be opened at will at the touch of a button for easy access; the upgraded rice spoon can be clean,d and sanitary, and the rice grains are not sticky to the table.


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