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Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds a Foldable Electric -Bicycle, runs up to 80km

Xiaomi has put a new product up for crowdfunding on its Youpin platform that launched the HIMO Z116 folding electric bicycle. It is a foldable e-bike and has a built in removable lithium battery, which can have it last up to 80 kilometers.

The HIMO Z16 electric bike features the general e-bike design but with its body being able to fold from 3 different areas. This includes the central body, the foot pedals, and the bicycle’s handlebar. Once it is folded, it becomes more portable thanks to its reduction in size, which will allow it to be easily carried in car trunks. Furthermore, its weight is also relatively light, coming in at just 22.5 kilograms.

The foldable electric bike has three modes as well for different situations. It can run on pure power, or power-assisted modes, and even completely be run by the user alone through the pedals. Its maximum speed can reach up to 25km/h and its range on pure power mode is about 55 kilometers, although, on assisted power mode, it can reach ranged around 80 kilometers or even beyond.

In terms of features, the HIMO Z16 electric bike also offers an HD LCD screen which is rated IPX7 for waterproofing, that displays real time information like speed, power, mileage, any faults in the system and more. It also has a dual disk brake system and high wear resistant tires. The e-bike is priced at 2,499 Yuan, which roughly translates to about 352 US Dollars and is currently being crowdfunded on the Xiaomi Youpin platform.


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