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Xiaomi Smart Door Bell 2 and Lite Edition Launched

Xiaomi has been launching various new products for its ongoing Mi Festival. The company is primarily aiming at different IoT appliances in a smart home, which includes the latest Smart Door Bell 2 and Smart Door Bell Lite Edition.

Starting with the Xiaomi Smart Door Bell 2, the company has launched another home appliance that serves the purpose of security for houses. It is essentially a small doorknob with a camera, intercom and ring button. This allows for users to talk in a two-way audio system to enquire regarding who is at the door -without opening the door itself. The camera of the Xiaomi Smart Door Bell 2 records at 1080p and can recognized humanoid figures thanks to AI assistance.

The device also supports the XiaoAI voice assistant and can be remotely accessed and operated. It has a 100-degree field of view and can sense people from up to 5 meters away. When paired with a smart display or a smartphone, this allows users to receive notifications when the door is rung, allowing a conversation without ever having to open the door. Thus, further helping in keeping users informed and safe.

Alongside this, Xiaomi also launched the Smart Door Bell Lite Edition as well. As the name suggests, it is a cut down version of the Smart Door Bell 2 and is priced appropriately too. This version also features XiaoAI voice assistant and can even be operated remotely as well. However, its camera only captures in HD quality but are capable of infrared footage during night time. Its field of view is also 100 degrees, but the range is only 3 meters.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Bell 2 is priced at 199 Yuan, which roughly translates to about 28 US Dollars. On the other hand, the Smart Door Bell Lite Edition carries a price tag of half of the former, coming in at only 99 Yuan (or about 14 US Dollars). Notably, both devices look nearly identical and are currently available for pre-order on Xiaomi’s official website in China.

Although it is a formidable gadget, looking at previous versions, I really want Xiaomi to solve some details in its smart bells.

One of them is resistance to water and dust. As much as it can withstand some rain, the bells are not suitable for constantly putting in the rain. That is, it is perfect to have inside a porch; however, little advantage to have it on the wall that connects the house to the street.

Then I also feel like having the possibility to contact wires. For those that do not want to take the time to change batteries every six months. I believe that with these two features, we would have an even more complete gadget.


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