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Xiaomi releases the Roidmi NEX 2 & NEX 2 Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Xiaomi Youpin has released two new handheld vacuum cleaners produced by eco-chain partner Roidmi. The two models- Roidmi Nex 2 and Nex 2 Pro both come with a display and other impressive features that place them ahead of the first-gen Roidmi NEX handheld vacuum cleaner. Roidmi NEX 2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Roidmi Nex 2 Pro is the sleekest model of the duo, but both seem to have the same capability. The models feature a display, but while the Roidmi Nex 2 has an LED screen, the Nex 2 Pro features an OLED display. This seems to be a significant difference between the two. The display shows the cleaning status in real-time. The Nex 2 Pro also has a grey paint job, whereas the Nex 2 comes in white. Roidmi Nex 2

In terms of the features, both models have a total power rating of 435W as well as the same vacuum power of 26500pa. The bot equally presents with a massive 2500mAh/72Wh battery, which can withstand several cleaning rounds. The vacuum cleaners feature a magnetic wireless charging system and can charge fully in just 2.5 hours. Also, the models are well equipped with a 0.55L dust storage compartment an uses a HEPA filter system. Roidmi Nex 2

Recall that Roidmi equally announced te F8 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner recently, which is an upgrade of the Roidmi F8.

The Roidmi Nex 2 carries a 2099 yuan ($295) price tag while the Nex 2 Pro is priced at 2,499 yuan (~$352). They are presently available on Xiaomi Youpin for interested buyers in China. If you are interested in this product outside China, you’ll have to look at third-party retailers like GearBest, ALiExpress and others.


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