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Xiaomi MIJIA Electric Shaver S300 goes universal for 99 yuan (~$13)


Xiaomi today announced a slew of smart home products ahead of the Mi fan festival, which would hold soon. One of the products is the MIJIA Electric Shaver S300. This model is a trimmed-down version of the MIJIA Electric Shaver S500 and S500C.MIJIA Electric Shaver S300

The MIJIA Electric Shaver S300 shares a similar design with the S500C as well as several features. It uses a three tip design and comes with a 360 degree floating veneer system and has a dual layer blade. The company commented that the auxiliary blade first lifts the beard, and then the main blade quickly cuts off the beard, which ensures the surfaces are trimmed properly and reduces the chances of developing bumps.

This model doesn’t seem to have a removable head like the S500C, but the device equally comes with an IPX7 waterproof build, which makes it suitable for use in the bathroom or under wet conditions. The gadget adopts a USB-C charging port, which will charge the battery way faster than the USB 2.0 port. The product is also expected to have a durable battery onboard. There is no display that shows the battery percentage left, but it has an LED indicator that shows when it is charging or in use. The LED will turn red when the battery power is low.

Further, the gadget has a power button located at the top half of the handle, apparently to prevent interference during use. Should you want to travel with the portable electric shaver, there is a lock mode that you can turn on, which will prevent the device from coming on if something accidentally compresses the power button inside your travelling bag. There is an indicator that shows when the shaver is in lock mode.

The MIJIA Electric Shaver S300 comes in black and will retail for 99 yuan (~$13). The product is expected- to go on sale on April 9 but is now open for reservations on Mi Mall.


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