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Xiaomi launches the Qi Xiaobai professional shock-absorbing sports bike

Xiaomi Youpin has released the Qi Xiaobai professional shock absorbing sports bike, and it comes with a price tag of 799 yuan ($113). The first set of orders will come along with a helmet valued at 79 yuan.

This bike manufactured for children and is said to be the industry’s first dual-use shock absorption system-packing bike. The shock absorption is locked when the bike is gliding through flat surfaces. The bike uses eh kick-pedalling system, and even when pedalling, the back shock absorber doesn’t leak. The rear shocks open on undulating pavements to absorb shocks and buffer the force in order to protect the spine. As such, the bike is suitable for use in homes, yards, parks, and squares.

The Qi Xiaobai professional shock-absorbing sports bike adopts aluminium-magnesium alloy tube technology to achieve a 360-degree integrated frame with higher strength. The bike is equipped with two 1.75-inch competitive tires, durable and features an excellent road surface possibility. The 180-gram competitive lightweight seat cushion is made of PU material for car seats. The rear end of the seat is slightly raised, scientifically enhancing the glide force

The bike is also easy to install as it has just a few screws.

It comes with a grey coloured frame but there are two models with accents of yellow and orange on the handlebar, footrest, seat and the tires.



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