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Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Sonic Facial Cleanser and 5-Piece set Nail Clippers

Xiaomi has just launched a new set of products on its official Mi website in China. These include the new hygiene related products from MIJIA, namely the Sonic Facial Cleanser and the 5-Piece set Nail Clipper as well.

Starting with the MIJIA facial cleanser, the product is essentially a tool for facial massage/scrubbing. It has soft bristles that are made from an antibacterial silicone material. This is essential considering it will likely be in contact with water and any bacterial could cause unnecessary health complications. The cleanser offers 5200 revolutions every minute through its high frequency vibration motors.

It is touted to help with acne breakout and dry skin issues for users and is also rated IPX7 for water resistance. The MIJIA Sonic Facial Cleanser features a 400mAh battery pack that can be charged by a USB Type-C port. It is priced at 129 Yuan (roughly 18 USD) and arrives with a charging cable, a cover and the device itself in either pink or blue colors.

Arriving at the MIJIA 5-Piece Nail Clipper, the product is priced at 39.9 Yuan or roughly 5.63 US Dollars. It arrives in a case that carries the two nail clippers alongside a pair of small scissors, filers as well. The case is relatively compact and will suit those that travel frequently. The material used is high quality and durable stainless steel and is only available in a single white color. For those interested, you can purchase the products on the official Xiaomi website, Mi.com.


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