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Xiaomi launches the MIJIA -Smart Clothes Dryer with voice/app control

Xiaomi is steadily updating its IoT gadgets and this is in line with the company’s new posture as an AIoT company. The brand has just launched the MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer under crowdfunding. The product comes with an affordable 849 yuan (~$120) price tag and will go on sale at 10 AM on April 15 via Xiaomi Mall and Mi Home. After the crowdfunding exercise, the smart dryer will retail for $899 (~$127).

The MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer adopts a retractable design whereby the rack can be expanded by 2.2m. The bars are also sturdy and can bear a maximum load of 35kg. The dryer has a large-area energy-saving LED panel which makes it convenient to dry and take dried clothes off the rack at night.

As the name implies, this is a smart product and that is perhaps what differentiates this hanger from similar products like the Mr Bond Smart Clothes Dryer which this product seems to share a design with. The Mr Bond model only supports the MIJIA app control but this new model takes things further.

The MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer comes with support for the MIJIA app which can be used to perform some commands like controlling the height, switching on the LED light from a mobile phone. The product also supports XiaoAI voice command and can be controlled using an XIaoAI compatible device like the Xiaomi Smart Speaker. Other simplistic but smart features include a wireless remote control which can be fixed on the wall.MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer

Also, when the dryer is descending, once it gets to an appropriate height, you can stop the descent by just holding any of the bars. This also means it will stop when it meets an obstruction, saving it from damage. In addition, once you have finished using the dryer, you can close it by pushing it up and it automatically retracts.


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