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Xiaomi launches the Mijia Scooter 1S, battery lasts up to 30km and is priced at 1999 Yuan ($282)

Back in 2016, Xiaomi had released an electric scooter, which had received various awards and praises. Now, nearly 4 years after the original launch, the Chinese tech giant has now released the Xiaomi Mijia Scooter 1S. It is priced at 1,999 Yuan (roughly 282 US Dollars) and is currently available at the Xiaomi Mall platform.

The Scooter 1S brings various upgrades and new features. This includes a new interactive visual dashboard, which also supports self-diagnosis and checking. In other words, if there is a malfunction in any system of the electric scooter, the display can notify the user. Furthermore, the screen also reveals real-time speed, driving status, battery life and other relevant information as well, all in one glance.


Being interactive, one can navigate through various functions with just the single button provided below it. The Mijia Scooter 1S follows a minimalistic design with aviation-grade aluminum-alloy body and a total weight of only 12.5 kilograms. Notably, it is capable of carrying loads up to 100kg. The electric scooter can also be folded in just under 3 seconds, making it portable when not in use.

The integrated DC motor that powers the Scooter 1S is rated for a service life of 3,000 hours with a 250W power rating and a maximum output of 500W. The scooter can as well reach speeds up to 25km/h and can last up to 30 kilometres in a single full charge. It also features an energy-saving mode, normal mode, and an adjustable sports mode as well.


The Xiaomi Mijia Scooter 1S is equipped with two 8.5 inch tires that are wear and skid resistant. The handle adopts a double brake design for both the front and rear wheels. Interestingly, when the throttle is released and the brake handle is pressed, the scooter can recover a small portion of the energy from the front wheels, providing a longer battery life. It also supports the ABS system (Anti Brake) and anti brake lock system and has a large disc brake structure as well.


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