Xiaomi launched the Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner: An energy efficient AC for 2199 Yuan ($310)

Xiaomi has just released a new air conditioner earlier today (24th April 2020). The new Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner was teased a few days ago and has finally been launched. It is priced at 2,199 Yuan (roughly 310 US Dollars) and is also available for 2,499 Yuan (roughly 352 US Dollars) for the high variant and 2,699 Yuan (roughly 381 US Dollars) for the 1.5 ton variant.

One of the most notable aspects regarding the Xiaomi Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner is also described in its name. The gentle/natural breeze is another term for broader coverage of its air outflow. While traditional air conditioners let out the air in a particular direction which isn’t suitable for direct contact for human beings, the Gentle “Soft” breeze feature enables the AC to spread the wind flow evenly across the room.

This not only brings the temperature variance to a minimum but also makes it feel more natural, like a gentle breeze in the countryside; a term Xiaomi heavily implied on the air conditioner’s promotional images. The Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner features 1120 air outlet micro holes that provide three dimensional air supply at a wide angle. It also houses two 98mm super large cross flow fans.

The 1 ton version has a 620 cubic meters per hour circulating volume and a max range of 10 square meters. On the other hand, the 1.5 ton variant has a 660 cubic meters per hour circulating airflow and a max range of 16 square meters. The Xiaomi Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner adopts a full DC frequency conversion technology that is energy efficient and has a high APF value of 5.13, which is far higher than the national standard and energy efficiency limit value of 4.5 in China.

The Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner also supports the Xiao AI voice assistant and can also be interlinked with other smart home products. In other words, it supports voice control to turn it on or off, change temperatures or even use other smart home products, while also being connected via the common smart home Mi application.


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