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Xiaomi crowdfunds the Zhenmi Wireless Vacuum Portable Juice mixer

Xiaomi launched the MIJIA Juicer in July 2019, and the product was well received with full crowdfunding support exceeding 3 million persons in less than one month. The technology giant has now released a much-improved version, dubbed Zhenmi Wireless Vacuum Juicer. The product is a third party one and is on crowdfunding for 199 yuan ($28). After the crowdfunding exercise period, it will be sold at 239 yuan ($33).

The Zhenmi Wireless Vacuum Portable- Juicer uses an innovative oval cup body that is not only guaranteed visual beauty but as well allows users to keep constant a comfortable grip. It also comes in Cherry Pink and Light Blue colours. For juicing, it features a four-leaf stainless steel blade, combined with the eccentric spoiler technology which adds the whipped force by 35%. As a result, there is no course to shake the juicer when blending. It is touted as capable of breaking ice cubes.

The new juicer is created with a quick juice function; it only requires you to double click to turn on fast juice. In this mode of operation, it only takes 28 seconds to quickly blend the liquid, whereas the traditional juicer takes 40 seconds to mix a cup of juice.

It adopts a 301 stainless steel blade and an environment-friendly PC + ABS food-grade material. The cup body and whipping head can be washed with water as they are 100% sealed and drip-proof.

As the name implies, the Zhenmi Wireless Vacuum Portable Juicer comes with a vacuum function that is deployed to evacuate the device after use. It will only take one button to automatically leave in 15 seconds to prevent oxidation of the fruit residue. The vacuum can maintain a pressure of -30kPa for 4 hours (recyclable space). This will ensure the interior is fresh even when locked.

The gadget gets its power from an impressive 2400mAh battery, which it claims can squeeze 25 cups of fresh juice when fully charged. It uses a simple and efficient adsorption charging method and can be charged by attaching the charging head to the top of the juicer. It also supports charging modes such as power bank, and car charging and will be fully charged in just 2 hours.

The product is expected to start delivery in China on April 19.


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