Xiaomi crowdfunds the Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser/Purifier

Xiaomi Youpin first played host to Yimu Technology in June 2019 when the Chinese startup launched a smart water faucet. The product was well received. Riding on the success of that exercise, Yimu has launched an intelligent Instant hot water dispenser under the Youpin platform. The product is under crowdfunding, and the pricing starts at 1,499 yuan ($211) for the standard edition.

The Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser adopts a desktop-free installation and can heat water in just 1 second. The temperature can also be adjusted as needed. It also comes with app support, which lets users monitor the water quality in real-time. The device also doubles as a water purifier which deploys three-layer five-level reverse osmosis filtration, patented freshwater technology and UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization to ensure that the water is fresh. Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The entire gadget uses 275nm deep ultraviolet automatic sterilization, patented UVC strong sterilization, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the water tank and rejecting secondary pollution. Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

In terms of heating, the patented diatomaceous earth thick film heating technology is equipped with a 360-degree vortex heating design, without fear of external temperature interference, ensuring uniform heating and rapid temperature rise in seconds. At the same time, the patented SensorLess technology based on artificial intelligence Al algorithm can automatically correct the temperature deviation caused by the environment to achieve accurate temperature control of ± 0.5 ℃. Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser comes in deep black and pure white colours and is expected to start shipping on May 3.