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Xiaomi crowdfunds the Carrobot Smart Head-Up Display with voice control


Germany’s Autobahn is still without speed restrictions, despite calls for the country to impose limits. Imagine doing 250 km/h on the Autobahn or any other freeway on a gasoline guzzling Porsche 911 and you need to check the fuel level on the instrument cluster. At such speed, it is dead risky to take your eyes off the road even for a second. A Head-up display comes in handy in such situations.

Head-Up Displays also known as HUD, is becoming increasingly common in all types of new cars, ranging from the Mazda3 to the BMW 7 Series, but what if you own a 2005 Toyota Corolla or any other older car? You won’t have to trade in your older model just to get one with a HUD from the factory. There are several aftermarket solutions let you modernize your current ride, some super affordable but others can tear a hole in your pocket.


Xiaomi, known for affordable quality products has launched a new Carrobot Smart HUD under the Youpin platform. In September last year, a Carrobot HUD Bluetooth version was launched on Xiaomi Youpin priced at 499 yuan (around $70). This version comes with the same 499 yuan price tag but after the crowdfunding exercise, the price will jack up to 699 yuan (~$98).

Apart from projecting the information on your car’s instrument cluster right in your front, this smart version also features support for full voice control.

The Carrobot HUD is inspired by the fighter’s Head-Up Display (HUD) technology and it can project all the information required when driving, such as the navigation map and the current vehicle speed, onto the glass in front of you. The projection technology adopts free-form optical design and multi-layer coating technology. The picture is flat and clear without any distortion and dizziness.

In addition, Carrobot Smart HUD also combines high-tech maps for in-depth customization and has greater voice control. In addition to conventional navigation and traffic conditions inquiry, you can also directly ask the HUD what places to eat, drink and play around. The product’s voice technology is said to use Spitzer’s algorithm, which not only is more close to natural vocals in terms of language sense but also very powerful in recognition and awake rate.

At the same time, this product deploys data cloud to provide timely warning and is equipped with the latest Point of Interests (POI) identification algorithm for most cities. The place-name recognition is more accurate, helping you to drive safely and reduce road violations. The product is compatible with the MIJIA app.


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