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Xiaomi adds AOD -section in the latest MIUI Themes Beta


Xiaomi’s MIUI Android skin is well-known for its themes. The UMII Theme app enables users to select from a variety of options that are both free and paid. Now, the company has launched a new beta update of this app in China, which has incorporated a new AOD (Always-on Display) section.

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has been launching phones with OLED display for a few years now. But the AOD functionality was only introduced late last year with MIUI 11. This option is part of the phone’s system settings, and new AOD styles are added only through system updates.

However, that will change soon as the company is testing AODs directly in the MIUI Themes app with support for designs and styles from different developers apart from the official team. This is surely good- news for users of Xiaomi smartphones with an OLED display as the current selection of AOD styles is limited.

Samsung popularized custom AOD themes when it introduced the functionality with the launch of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. It also allows developers to upload different styles on the Galaxy Themes app. However, most of them are paid.

But in the case of Xiaomi, the company made MIUI Themes free with the launch of MIUI 11 last year with an exception for certain copyrighted content. This means the AOD styles on MIUI Themes app will be most likely free, giving Xiaomi users an edge over Samsung. That doesn’t mean the developers don’t earn anything as they are now paid based on ad-revenue.

We are not sure how Xiaomi will roll out this feature as the current implementation is deeply rooted within the system. Either the company will release a new MIUI 11 version with certain changes and fixes, or it will debut on MIUI 12 in the second half of 2020.


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