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World of Warcraft boost 100% comfort in this COVID-19 Isolation

A great thing worth noting is that Blizzard has already informed what is termed a leveling squish with the release of the next World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands. Blizzard’s spoken goal for the new leveling experience is a 60-70% faster path from the first level to the max level. With the Winds of Wisdom both, leveling will be close to that lower threshold (with heirloom gear). In other words, if players want to wait for Shadowlands before leveling, they will be having a common fast or better leveling experience.

while staying inside and find yourself returning to Azeroth, or if you’re leveling another character (or two), you’ll be receiving a special bonus to help you on your way,” the company stated in a post this morning. The experience boost starts today.

World of Warcraft players for all retail versions (including Starter Edition, the Legion expansion and Battle for Azeroth) would receive a 100 percent buff to experience gained through April 20 as reviewed by Blizzard Entertainment this morning

The “Winds of Wisdom” experience buff will halve the time it takes WoW players to reach the maximum level of 120 in the popular massively multiplayer RPG. The buff does not apply to World of Warcraft: Classic players, and it does stack with experience-boosting heirloom armor.

isn’t Blizzard’s first response to COVID-19

This is not the first action the World of Warcraft studio has taken in response to COVID-19. A week ago, they announced they would be implementing a work-from-home policy for their Irvine and Austin offices.
At this point, there is still much of rumors about what COVID-19 will mean for WoW. Blizzard has not announced BlizzCon yet, and one can’t help wonder if they will cancel it this year. Shadowlands could also easily be delayed. Of course, a new encrypted alpha build was sent through shipping even after the work from home policy was implemented. That means work on the new expansion is still being carried out despite the disruptions.

sincerely, however, there are many important things than whether or not Shadowlands comes out this year. For now, the Winds of Wisdom buff should provide a welcome bit of fun. Goodness knows we need that.


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