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Want to watch Netflix series & movies with friends? Now it’s possible!

Netflix has been one of the most used platforms around the world during this quarantine period. Due to its fantastic and huge catalog of series and films capable of distracting us for hours and hours on end.

However, if you happen to use Netflix a lot when you get together with friends, it may no longer make sense to watch the same content, while it is abandoned in your living room or bedroom… Be calm, because with Netflix Party everything can be like before.
Want to watch series and movies on Netflix with friends? Now it’s possible!

Therefore, it is now possible to watch movies and series through Netflix Party, by allowing groups of friends to watch the same thing at exactly the same time. It is also possible to communicate through a small chat that will be on the side.

In addition, you can still use your microphone and talk as the film or series goes on, laughing at a scene if you joke or shouting if you get a scare. Basically what he was doing when he was with his friends.

But how does Netflix Party work right?

Step 1 – Go to the Netflix Party website and try to find the location where you can find the link for the extension in Chrome. This is because you will need to be using Chrome to be able to use the application.
Step 2 – Access the movie or series you want to watch and click on the “NP” button. This will give you a URL link to share with your friends, who will be able to see exactly what they also see on your screen when they enter.
Step 3 – Have fun with the chat next to you, use avatars to distinguish people from each other and see as many movies and series as you want and can. This will certainly help to combat social isolation and give Netflix even more users.

In short, take advantage of this application to be distracted and not to leave the house for anything. After all, here is an excellent solution to continue enjoying good times with your friends.


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