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Top UK official hints the UK is unlikely to reverse Huawei 5G decision

Before the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the world’s attention from the US-China trade dispute, one hot topic was Huawei‘s provision of 5G infrastructure. Huawei had made several bid to supply 5G infrastructures to several countries who are looking to deploy the next-generation connectivity. However, the US government made tremendous effort to block such deals, enjoining its ally boycott Huawei’s 5G equipment. While some countries went with the US advice and shunned Huawei’s gears, others such as the UK gave Huawei the nod to provide their 5G equipment.

Recently, there were reports that the UK may review its decision to use Huawei’s 5G gears in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Huawei even released an open letter advising the UK government not to do so. Respite may have come Huawei’s way as a senior government official have been quoted to have hinted that the government won’t likely review the decision. Techpera quotes Simon McDonald, Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service in the UK to have stated that the government position on Huawei’s equipment in network development was considered, but will most likely remain unchanged.

Furthermore, the official disclosed that the UK’s decision to deploy Huawei’s 5G equipment which has strict conditions attached, was a firm one and therefore, is not being reopened.

Huawei is one of three- principal suppliers of 4G mobile -technology, and is the leader in supplying antennas and the base stations, with a 35% share. It is expected to increase that in the 5G because its technology is further ahead-.

Its principal rivals, Ericsson of Sweden & Nokia of Finland, are deemed to be more expensive by the UK officials and leading phone companies such as Vodafone & BT, the owner of EE. Officials say that for every US lobbying, “there is no plan B-”.

Britain’s spy agencies have long believed that any risk that Huawei technology could as well be compromised by the Chinese state to undertake-surveillance can be contained, and their advice to the ministers has been unchanged for nearly a year-.

At the beginning of last week, senior -US officials has flew to Britain, and argued that it would as well be nothing short of madness to use the Huawei because its technology could also be compromised by the Chinese government for mass surveillance-.

The US said it had fresh information concerning Huawei. But one day later, the British officials said the American warnings were nothing new. We do already anticipated the kind of threat, one source said-.

The officials also suggested intelligence-sharing with the UK could be halted or reduced as a result, although they said that it would require legislation, meaning that the threat was also not immediate-.


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