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These Huawei P40 wallpapers are not renders, they are real photographs of ICE

Huawei‘s official design team behind its theme newly revealed the shooting process through which the default- wallpapers of the P40 series were obtained. These wallpaper images aren’t rendered images rather the photographs of real pieces of ice-.

According to the those behind the theme, the team has been long exploring the expressions of a thin piece of ice. The actual wallpaper image shows asymmetrical design and curved patterns that may lead some to have believe that this is pre-rendered. perhaps, it is actually a piece of ice on which water was poured in drops. by this, the beautiful and eye catching curved and wavy lines were achieved for the shot.

After adding the water on the ice surfaces, the team then passed light through the ice cube from multiple angles to attain a different styles. Furthermore, the Huawei theme -design team even burned the ice cube with fire to shape it in the ways they wanted for unique look.

Looking at the wallpaper- images, one might not immediately figure out that the pictures are all focused on the ice. But since the process was disclosed, it seems like a very creative approach that has brought about such interesting aesthetics to light. You never know, Huawei might take this a step further and make use of other mundane objects to make them look brilliant as well.


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