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The Panasonic KV S5078 business scanner at the rate of 60,000 A3 pages per day

Greater productivity, reduced maintenance, and a total low cost of ownership. Panasonic promise two new scanners; KV-S5078-Y (network-enabled) and KV-S5058 scanners, designed for government agencies, tax offices, PA, a company working in the field or in general all those companies who print up to 60,000 documents daily.

They process and print documents up to A3 size (like two A4 sheets side by side on the long side) and above all promise greater speed to scanning processes and higher quality images – thanks to the 3-line CIS sensor – compared to previous models. Specifically, they are able to reach up to 115 pages per minute and 230 images per minute, practically equivalent to a 15% time-saving.

They are also supported by the Tough Feed technology which limits the paper jam and the consequent waste of time due to feeding errors. They mount new rollers that increase the recommended replacement cycles from 350,000 to 700,000 sheets, thus also halving costs and take advantage of Panasonic’s image processing and tuning technologies that improve character extraction and background whitening, bringing greater accuracy of OCR (the technology that recognizes printed characters and transforms them into editable text via Word and the like) and better recognition of barcodes.
Panasonic KV S5078 Scanner
Panasonic KV S5078 Scanner

The network functionality of the Y model also simplifies information sharing and device management tasks with gigabit ethernet connectivity. Both offer USB 3.1 connectivity (backward compatible) and the Site Central Management Suite (SCMS) software allows for simple configuration and management of devices on the network or on the web, ensuring continuous updating.

The scanner Panasonic KV-S5078-Y and KV-S5058 Panasonic will be available from mid-May.


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