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The most convincing Apple iMac clone we have come across

After a few excellent iPad imitators & Macbook Air wannabes, we have managed to track down the best Apple iMac clone we have seen currently.

The Onda B220 is a Windows all in one computer that looks exceptionally similar to Apple’s machine, the sort of PC you see at a dentist’s front desk or an office reception daily.

Onda B220 369.99 USD at Gearbest
Onda does a wonderful job of mimicking the iMac’s beauty, but the similarities stop there, its specs are nothing special. However, if you are searching for an iMac equivalent in appearance alone, this is the best option around.

At 370 USD ( at roughly 300 GBP/660 AUD) that excludes delivery, it’s about two thirds cheaper than its illustrious inspiration in the US and closer to 75% in the UK, where the iMac is on sale for 1,049 GBP currently.

Like the 21.5 inch iMac, it has a full HD display with a signature black frame and big bezel, with Onda branding instead of an Apple logo. There is even the iconic aluminum stands with a hole in the bac.

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Unfortunately, the similarities stop there. Whereas the cheapest iMac has a Core i5 CPU (the 7360U), the B220 only has an Intel Celeron J1900, which is about 4x slow, according to on PerformanceTest benchmark results conducted.

The iMacs Iris Plus Graphics 640 graphics module also should trounce the underpowered Intel HD Graphics, which was found on the J1900. Further, Onda’s machine has half the computer memory and a 128GB SSD, compared to Apple’s 1TB hard disk drive in both.

Perhaps the B220’s only helping grace is the plethora of connectivity available. Its ports include a VGA and HDMI, an Ethernet and four USBs (but sadly no memory card reader).


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