The cheapest MicroSD card per gigabyte in the world

Memory cards play an essential role in the digital lives of millions; they are present in dashcams, smartphones, but also IoT devices and much more. MicroSD cards are by far the most popular type and their average prices have slowly fallen over the past few months, and now they have reached an historic low.

We managed to track down a Teclast 128GB microSD card for $12.29 from Gearbest, down from an SRP of $21.70. Use the coupon code GBCNTJ128G at checkout to get the price down, and further note we’ve been advised that quantities are limited to 500.
Historic low

This is the first time that we have seen memory cards fall below 10c per GB. Teclast is a brand we are familiar with as it also manufactures laptops and tablets, so if you haven’t heard of the firm, rest assured that this is no fly-by-night operation.

The Teclast-branded card is a UHS-1 U1 Class 10 model with a maximum read speed of 90MBps and a maximum write speed of 50MBps, although real-life speeds are likely to be far less. Teclast claims that it is waterproof (with an IPX7 rating) and shock-resistant, capable of handling up to 500G.

The card is a UHS-1 U1 Class 10 model with a maximum read speed of 80MBps and a maximum write speed of 20MBps, although speeds are likely to be less impressive in practice. The card is also waterproof (IPX7) and shock-resistant.

As with all external storage devices, we would suggest you use a cloud storage service to back up your data to avoid loss.