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SuperSIM combines together a memory card and SIM into one; is this the future?

Every mobile phone requires a SIM to work. It can either be an eSIM or a removable SIM. The average person knows that a SIM card is what allows them to connect to the service provided by a network operator.

Every mobile phone also has built-in storage, which is where your phone’s operating system, preinstalled and downloaded apps, images, videos, and other files – are duly stored. Some phones have a storage expansion slot that allows you to add more storage to your device while others do not, it means if you run out of space, you don’t have a choice but to delete those files or back them up properly to the cloud or another device like your computer.


Talking about phones with support for storage expansion, some have a hybrid SIM tray that allows you to either use a MicroSD card or a SIM card in one of the SIM slots. So, if you are going to make use of a slot for the MicroSD card, you can only make use of one SIM card on your phone.

But it does not have to be this way – if you own a Super SIM.
Super SIM

What is a Super SIM all about?

A Super SIM combines together a SIM card and, at the same time, MicroSD card into a single card. The first Super SIM was announced last year in China, and it comes in various capacities starting from the 32GB and goes up to 128GB. These Super SIM cards also have read and write speeds of 90MB/s and 60MB/s, respectively.

When compared to what a traditional SIM can store, which is about 128KB, a Super SIM can store millions more of data. Super SIMs also has a one-click backup and restore feature, so you can also pop it into a new phone and as well have your data from your old phone be restored. They are as well secure (CC EAL6+ security certification), so you do not have to worry about the safety of your data.

Advantages of a Super SIM

As a user, you don’t have to choose b/w a SIM card or a MicroSD card if your phone has a hybrid SIM tray. Just purchase a Super SIM and you have both additional storage and a second SIM.

For manufacturers, there is no need to make a phone with a triple card tray or the one with a dedicated MicroSD card slot. This means there can be additional space for a slightly larger- battery or extra components.

The Disadvantages of a Super SIM choice.

At the moment, Super SIMs are very limited to China and are still quite costly. A 32GB Super SIM cost for ¥99 (~$14), whereas a 64GB card sells for ¥199 (~$28). That is quite expensive when compared to the cost of a MicroSD card with the same amount of storage memory.

While price will and can come down later, adoption is another thing. The first 5G SuperSIM sold in China is a partnership between China’s UNIIC memory technology- Co. Ltd, makers of UNIC Memory & China Unicom. Except if more network operators adopt the Super SIM and partner with storage manufacturers, the Super SIM may not become mainstream and actually may even be abandoned as the case may be.

Another disadvantage is that Super SIM can work only with a phone that has a hybrid SIM card tray. And These rules out phones (especially flagships) without the type of SIM tray, thus making adoption very difficult for the user.

Another possible disadvantage is the customers’ unwillingness to purchase a Super SIM as well as the hassle of replacing their respective regular SIM cards with Super SIM. With many people ordering phones online and just popping their SIM cards into the new device, there is not a need to go to your network operator’s outlet for anything as a matter of fact.


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