Sony patents wireless earphones for Athletes that also works under a Helmet

Sony is a known electronics brand with products ranging from cameras, TVs, smartphones, audio related gadgets, and more. The company recently released audio products in its home country, Japan, which include the popular WH-1000XM3 over-ear headphones, WF-XB700, and WI-SP510 wireless earphones. However, Sony isn’t just stopping there as it is working on launching even more wireless earphones, with athletes and helmet wearers in mind this time.

Back in 2019, Sony had filed for design patents with the Japanese patent agency JPO for new wireless earphones. This patent was finally published last month and features 9 black and white images, alongside one colored render of the new hearables. Unfortunately, the finer details regarding the product are currently unknown as it is a design patent. However, the company did reveal a short description of it.

Looking at the images, it is clear that the earphones are wireless and are designed for and other physical activities in mind. Notably, the description revealed that the earphones can be used under a helmet. This is achieved by having the earpiece stay inside the helmet while the region with the controls can be positioned outside of it. Since the design follows a hooked shape, it can go over an ear to equally distribute weight and not feel too heavy on any one side.

A microphone sits at the top of the control panel, which should make it easier to pick up calls and help in the user being more audible to the other party. The control “pads” might also have touch controls through which one can lower or raise the volume, but that is just speculation at this point. The bean design is quite unique and we would like to see what features, like noise cancelation, Sony manages to pack in these wireless earphones.


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