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Sony officially reveals the new DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

Despite the PlayStation 5 is months away from actual release, Sony has unveiled the new DualSense controller that will arrive with the new generation of the gaming console.

The new controller bigs a couple of significant changes both in design and in the internals. Unlike the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controllers, the old ruble technology is being replaced by new haptic feedback and the new “adaptive triggers” can have their resistance for triggers adjusted for different gameplay effects. Meaning, more immersive experience can be gained through this.

The DualSense controller now features an inbuilt integrated microphone along with a USB Type-C port (which has been highly requested). Coming to the design, the new controllers follow a dual-tone colour scheme, which makes it look similar to the PSVR gear. Its design has also been overhauled, with a more rounded design that is said to aid in grip and button controls.

Among the new changes, the share button has now been rebranded as the “create” button. This will allow for “new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world.” Although, exact details of how this gameplay sharing feature works, is currently unknown. But Sony plans on sharing additional information close to the launch date.

Another new aesthetical change is the PlayStation button, which is now an actual cut out of the console’s logo and not just a button that features it. In terms of similarity, the overall button layout and format have been kept relatively untouched, so users will still feel comfortable with the newer design. It follows the same symmetrical pattern with the D-pad and faces buttons on the top half and the matching analog sticks on the bottom.

The new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will also have adaptive triggers in its L2 and R2 buttons. What that means is that when players use something like a bow and arrow in-game, they’ll feel tension building within the trigger button drawing the bow is associated with. It will add another layer of immersion and seems to be the focal point in the PS5 controller design – giving players a sense of touch within their gaming experience.

It remains to be seen on how the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will play out in the hands of consumers. Still, for now, it’s a shocking redesign of an old favourite that’s eschewing the traditional black and bulky design for something significantly more modern. That being said, however, a lot of what’s made the DualShock popular is being preserved in the PS5 controller, too, so it shouldn’t be too drastic a change for fans – and the innovation it brings to the table should be exciting enough for even skeptics to give it a shot.


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