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Social app Houseparty reports 50 million downloads in March amid coronavirs

Houseparty, the video chat social application has become quite popular and has seen massive growth amid the coronavirus lockdown across several countries. The app is one of the top choices when it comes to being connected with the loved ones as social distancing and government lockdown came into effect.

A report from app store analyst App Annie suggests that Houseparty has hit the record numbers in the month of March 2020. Now, the company has itself revealed that the app has seen over 50 million sign-ups last month, which is claimed to be 70 times above normal in some markets.

During the past 30 days, Houseparty has reportedly seen 17.2 million new installs across iOS and Android platforms. A different third-party estimate from Sensor Tower reports 28 million installs. The numbers don’t include the company’s app on Mac and Chrome.

Thanks to the surge in popularity and usage, Houseparty became the leading Social app in 82 countries, including the U.S. App Store. It was also the third leading Social app on the U.S. Google Play store. The app grew to become the No. 1 Overall app in 16 countries.

According to the company, the average time in conversation per user remained at more than 60 minutes and the average session times sometimes reached as high as more than 80 minutes. Since the app is designed for social hangouts, it has attracted younger users.

While Houseparty doesn’t reveal its metrics publicly, the company seems to be sharing the data about its popularity to distract people from the recent controversy. The app was recently accused of a data breach through social media posts from users claiming that user data was being used to access other accounts, like Netflix and Spotify.

The company denied the breach and even suggested that the social media posts were a part of a “paid commercial campaign” aimed at harming its business. Later, the company announced a $1 million reward for any evidence that proved it. So far, nothing yet has come of that and some of the accusations posted have also disappeared.


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