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Selected Amazon Prime Video kids’ shows now available to stream for free

As we embark on another week of the Great Coronavirus Quarantine, Amazon is doing its part to help occupy your children while you work from your house.

Amazon has lifted it’s Prime Video paywall for a select group of kids’ TV series available on its streaming platform, with both original and acquired series now free for all users with or without a subscription. (A free Amazon.com site is still required for viewing.) Titles include 1. Amazon If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, 2.Pete the Cat, and Costume Quest, finally PBS Kids like such as Arthur and Caillou.

Amazon said it would be working to improve the selection in the coming days, as the current crop of free streaming content seems viewed at younger kids of pre-school to primary school age. It could be a way for the parents struggling to work from home to cope while having their children around as there aren’t any movies in the selection that adults might enjoy watching as well.

Every little bit helps, though, with families around the world now stuck indoors to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Millions of families currently confined to their homes as schools and workplaces globally have closed amid the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. As measures to help against the virus’ spread have intensified, studios have been making more and more content available for home watching. Disney produced Frozen II on its streaming forum, Disney+, months ahead of schedule, and will do the same for Pixar’s Onward, while many films will hit VOD and digital platforms early, including DreamWorks’ Trolls World Tour And if you need more suggestions for family-friendly viewing — particularly titles that won’t drive you up the wall — EW has you covered.


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