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Samsung: Exynos 990 is as powerful as Snapdragon 865

Samsung is one of the smartphone makers to develop their processors. Additionally, it is the only one to sell its premium flagship smartphones with two different processors – in-house Exynos and Qualcomm. However, there has always been a performance difference between the two. Now, as Galaxy S20 series is out, various media publications have confirmed the Exynos 990 to lag behind the Snapdragon 865 variant. However, Samsung says otherwise. In a statement to SamMobile, the South Korean tech giant reassures both the versions of their latest high-end smartphones to perform equally.

Samsung has been making Exynos chips for a very long time, but they have mostly performed inferior to counterparts from Qualcomm. It becomes even more complicated as the company sells its flagship smartphones with both the chips in different regions, although the device is priced similarly.

This has now led to tensions among fans as the latest Galaxy S20 series cost higher than the previous generations and only the US, China, and South Korea get the Snapdragon 865 variant, which is better than the Exynos 990 version sold in other markets.

Despite there being proofs all over the internet with reviews from reputed media that confirm the Exynos 990 to throttle performance while also being less power efficient, Samsung has released a statement saying both the variants of Galaxy S20 series have undergone the same rigorous tests and perform equally in real life.

This is not news. Benchmarks right from before the Galaxy S20 phones were launched showed the Exynos 990 powered models lagging behind Snapdragon 865 ones on Geekbench. Raw performance is not all that matters; thankfully, efficiency is just as important. However, the Exynos 990 as well appears to be a lot less efficient in comparison.

Exynos 990 only manages to deliver an excellent performance to power ratio of roughly 13.0/W on SPECint. When comparison, the Snapdragon also 865 records value in the region of 19.6/W. Last year’s Snapdragon 855 is more efficient than the Exynos 990,however, as it pushes on with a ratio of about 15/W kl.

Samsung’s Exynos SoCs, however, have failed to live up to standard expectations over the previous few years, and the Exynos 990 seems to be a continuation of the trend. Thankfully, Samsung seems to have taken note of the prevalent problems. The Exynos 990 will likely be the last SoC to feature the company’s custom Mongoose cores, and the South Korean company looks to be set to make some significant changes to its silicon-making department.

We’re yet to review the Galaxy S20, though, so you’d best stay tuned for our take on the performance of the Exynos S20.


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