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Reddit Movie Streaming List

If you’re out to find Reddit movie streaming websites for great movies, then we’ve provided a list of them. Some popular movies you can stream include Avengers endgame, Avengers infinity war, Aquaman, and Aladdin. Others are Dragon ball super: Broly, Spiderman far from home, Deadwood, Fantastic beasts, and so much more. These are free and paid movie sites.

Reddit Movie Streaming Sites ListOn the other hand, the Reddit movie full stream provides a list of platforms that let you watch these movies. These sites are recommended by other Redditors. And that is why you will be relying on the reviews of people who have used them. You don’t have to go scouring the net for useful ones given that a great selection has already been made for you.

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Consequently, we’ve rounded up these sites based on the recent comments made on them. The aim is to ensure that you get working sites since old threads would mean some of these platforms may no longer be in operation. These are active streaming sites to subscribe and watch movies online. Work with us and we’ll show you what to work with.

Best Movies to Stream Online

But first, what movies should you stream online? We know you’ll be using your valuable data and as such, you don’t want to watch less impressive movies. Therefore, some movies that have topped the list of popular searches are Joker, Mission impossible, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World, John Wick, Ant-man and The wasp, The mule, etc. These are just a few good ones to work with.

Best Movie Streaming Sites

Based on the recommendations of Redditors, the best free movie streaming sites for watching movies and TV-series are:

  • Hds.to
  • Vazpu
  • Movie.ag
  • Hulu.com
  • 123movies
  • coto tv app
  • Moviego.to
  • F2movies.to
  • www.hdm.to
  • Numuvi.com
  • Movieninja.io
  • Loadmovies.org
  • https://ffmovies.ru/
  • https://codexmicro.com/
  • https://seriesstream.net
  • https://www.movieglide.com
  • http://www.streamlikers.com

These sites have been highly rated for their easy to use and navigate interface. A good number of them offer HD streaming of movies and these movies are free and do not require registration. Hence, you can just visit the web page, search for a movie, and entertain yourself with it.

Interestingly, some sites do not intrude with several ads even before you access the movie in question. This means they’re great to work with if you’re looking for Reddit movie streaming with no ads. However, there are sites like f2movies.to. They do not go directly to the movie you want to watch. Hence, unnecessary tabs may be opened on your smartphone.

Review of the Best Movie Sites

Here’s a review of the best movie sites. They include:


Hulu offers a free trial where you get to stream different movies for free online and for a period. After that, you’ll have to make a payment to watch others. You can either opt for a free 1-month plan and then pay the $5.99/month or watch for free for 7 days and then pay $54.99 monthly. Now if you’re just trying the platform for the first time, you can determine if it offers the kind of movies you’ll like to watch.

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Both plans offer hit movies, exclusive series, sports, news, hit movies, Hulu Originals, kids shows amongst others.  However, the higher plan allows you to record live TV shows and store in its cloud storage. You can store as much as 50-hour movies and these are a collection of several. You’re also allowed to watch Live TV on a range of devices.


123Movies has a great collection of movies in different genres. These genres include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, amongst others. If you’re into Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, or Thriller, you can find these as well.

You can either search for a movie of your choice or select a genre to choose a movie. On the other hand, there are lots of ads when you click on links on this platform. These ads tend to open on other windows of your web browser and may make it a bit disturbing when using the platform. Nonetheless, you still get to watch cool movies.


Cackle once known as Grouper is a videos streaming site from Sony Pictures Television. You can use it to watch videos and stream safely. Think of it as another YouTube version that is packed with thousands of videos tailored to different areas. On the other hand, you may have to deal with the occasional ads that are popped up the platform. Given that it’s free to use, these ads are a way for site owners to earn from your streaming activity.

What makes Cackle even more interesting is that you can cast its videos on your television. If you can screen mirror the movie to your TV, hence there’s no need to stream them from the TV directly or wish yours could. Therefore, if you’re streaming from an Android or iOS device, you can look forward to watching these movies on a larger screen. The best part is, you’ll get to appreciate the high-quality videos more on a big screen.

Tubi TV:

Tubi tv also has a collection of movies you can stream and enjoy your day. And like Cackle, you can screen mirror its movies to TV. Needless to say, there are limited options when using this platform. However, you may still be able to lay hands on good movies to stream.

What’s more, Tubi supports the use of Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Apple TV,  and Xbox, to stream its movies. It also provides support for the PlayStation, Sony Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and the web. What’s even better is that there are different channels on this platform. Some you may come to love to include Dove Channels, BabyFirst TV, CONtv, Docurama.

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In line with that, this platform’s movies are arranged into categories such as Crime TV. Documentary, Docuseries, Drama, Faith, Family Movies, Foreign Language Films, Horror, Indie Films, Kids Shows. To start enjoying each of these, you’ll need to register a free account to begin.

Subreddits for Movie Streaming

Asides from the list of sites we’ve provided above, you can also make use of certain subreddits to keep track of the latest movie streaming sites. These Reddits are constantly updated and you get to hear the experience of other users that have tried the same platform. Accordingly, some subreddits for movie streaming are https://www.reddit.com/r/LegalMovieStreaming and r/MovieStreamingSites.


The subreddit MovieStreamingSites has been specifically made for movie lovers who want to stream movies and TV shows for free. This platform provides information about these sites and even writes a review on them. And if you’re looking for the top 10 lists for movie or TV show streaming sites, it’s where you’ll find it. Some links it has provided so far are:

  • https://cataz.net/
  • https://icefilms.ch/
  • https://cmovies.us/
  • https://prwatch.net/
  • http://gomovies.uno/
  • https://www.seehd.nl/
  • https://yesmovies.tech/
  • https://www.gustatv.to/
  • https://ww.cmovies.vip/
  • https://simplestream.in/
  • https://swatchseries.info/
  • https://movieheaven.org/
  • http://watchmoviesnow.co/
  • https://123movies-apk.com/
  • https://topmoviesonline.org/
  • https://www1.movieorca.com/

Best VPN to Use for Streaming

It may be useful to take advantage of the best VPN while streaming. This will hide your footprint on the internet and enhance your privacy. You get to hide your location and even access sites that are restricted to your region. And it may not come as a surprise that some of these sites might want to track your internet data or footprint. Nonetheless, you can enhance your level of security with the use of these VPNs:

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

Here’s a review of each of these:


NordVPN allows you to access public WiFi securely. This way, the data you generate while browsing and other private information are kept hidden. This VPN is compatible with a range of devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, whether you’re streaming these movies from a smartphone or computer, you can have full protection. And a subscription for the NordVPN allows you to use one account for up to six devices.

On the other hand, you may be more interested in the level of speed this VPN can offer. Accordingly, NordVPN allows you to stream and download speedily. There are over 5700 NordVPN servers and these servers are in 59 countries. Some of the supported countries are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico. A wide range of servers ensures you can get your network up and running if a certain server is overloaded and lagging.


ExpressVPN allows you to gain unlimited access to a wide collection of resources on the internet. It allows you to access videos, social media pages, etc. irrespective of your location. Like NordVPN, you can also use this VPN on devices like Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc. And a single subscription gives you access to each of these devices.

ExpressVPN also supports over 3,000 servers, 94 countries, and 160 locations. Some of these countries include Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Others are Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, and Austria.

Should You Download of Stream?

You may be torn between downloading a movie and streaming it. But each has its own advantages.

Advantages of Streaming

Some advantages of streaming over downloading are:

Saves Internet Data:

Streaming saves you the data of downloading a full movie. Much more, you get to see the first few minutes of the movie to determine if you actually want to see it to the end. This saves your time and resources since you don’t have to stream or download the full movie.

Saves Memory Storage:

Streaming saves your phones’ memory storage. There’s no need to store several movies just to watch them later. You can watch and then move on to the next. And given the lengthy size of these movies, it becomes useful.  These are the advantages of streaming over downloading.

Disadvantage of Streaming

For streaming, you need fast connection speeds to ensure the movie plays without lags and the network does not disconnect totally. But downloading can still take place with a not so fast internet connection. The difference is in the length of time it’ll take to download the same movie.

Advantages of Downloading

Some advantages of downloading videos over streaming them are:

Save for Later

If you choose to download, you can save these movies to watch later. You could watch them in parts and occupy yourself with other things. Over and above that, you can invite your family and friends to watch them with you. Or if you’re at work, wait till you get to the comfort of your bed or couch to see them.

Network Lags

There’s also the benefit of not going through network errors that may tend to lag the videos while streaming. So, you could use the same internet data to download these videos and enjoy a hitch-free movie watching experience.

Disadvantage of Downloading

There are certain disadvantages that come with downloading videos and a major one is the large storage space it’ll take. You may need to delete these videos at some point. And worse, if you’re already running low on storage space, you may download low-quality videos instead of those with high quality. The goal may be to conserve space.


Reddit movie streaming sites as provided by users of the platform will give you access to movies like Avengers, Infinity War, contagion, creed, to name but a few. These are quite a lot to work with and as such, you can liven your day with different movies. The same goes for the high number of sites we have provided to ensure you find one that works best for you.

Lest we forget, you can take advantage of one of the best VPNs out there. They’ll ensure that you stream safely and protect your private data. In the same vein, if your location has been blocked by the movie streaming site in question, you can lift the block by streaming with a country of your choice.


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