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Realme Band Firmware update

Realme ventured into wearable products with the launch of Realme Band in early March. The fitness band is now receiving its first-ever major firmware update. The update, which is being currently rolled out to the users brings a number of features that should have been present at the launch.

The new update for Realme Band bumps up the firmware to v6.0. To update the fitness tracker, users will have to first install the latest version of the Realme Link app from the Google Play Store.

The firmware v6.0 for Realme Band finally adds ‘Find Phone’, ‘Restart’ and ‘Weather’ functionalities. These three features are common on all wearables and should have been present on Realme Band since its launch. Better late than never, they are here now, however, it is a nightmare to use them

After the installation of the new firmware, the Realme Link app will allow users to enable weather on the Realme Band. Once it is set up, users will have to tap ‘seven times’ on the tracker’s capacitive button to access current weather and tap ‘two more times’ to see the report for the next two days. This is ridiculous and it is why wearables with touch input are better in terms of user experience.

Another nitpick is though the latest update brings restart option to the Realme Band, it works only when the tracker is charging (seriously?). Anyway, the update also brings improvements in UI, heart rate monitoring, data synchronization, and message display time.
Realme Band Firmware v6.0 Update Official Changelog

Optimized UI for functional interface
Added weather features
Added the ability to find your phone
Optimized heart rate measurement accuracy
Data synchronization speed optimized
Extended message display time
Added bracelet restart function: Long press touch button above 5s while charging

At the launch, Realme Band was touted to have many features that were slated to launch a few weeks later. Realme is now pushing those features with the latest update. The highlighted features include the Find My Phone feature, weather screen, and the restart functionality. The Find My Phone tool will trigger an alarm on the paired phone, in case it is misplaced. The changelog of the V6.0 update also brings an optimised UI “for functional interface”, optimised heart rate measurement accuracy, increase in the data synchronisation speed, and extended time for message display.

The arrival of the restart functionality will minimise the need to open the app to reboot the Realme Band. In fact, it was one of the most-demanded features by the Realme Band users. In the changelog, it is mentioned that a long touch on the soft button for over 5 seconds will restart the band. However, the band needs to be put on charge for the functionality to be enabled. Otherwise, the band will open whatever app is being displayed on the screen on a long press.

The Realme Band update is available through the Realme Link app, which is necessary for installation. The Realme Band needs to be paired with the Realme Link before the update process is initiated. Realme Link is available for Android only. After the app downloads and transfers the downloaded update file, Realme Band will install it and restart for the changes to take effect. It is also advisable that there is enough charge on the Realme Band.

The Realme Band was launched in March as the company’s first fitness-related product. It was launched for Rs 1,499 — an affordable price tag to take on the likes of Mi Band and Honor Band in India. The Realme Band is one of the many smart products Realme has planned to launch in India.

Furthermore, the update has also optimized heart rate measurement accuracy as well. It has also optimized the data synchronisation speed and has extended the display time when the user receives a message.

The update also adds bracelet restart function which can be triggered by long-pressing the capacitive button for more than 5 seconds while charging.

To recall, Realme Band features a 0.96-inch colour display, which is capable of showing 65,000 colours. It comes with a personalised dial face, which can be changed using the Realme Link application. It weighs 20 grams. It also features built-in PPG optical heart rate sensor that measures heart rate every 5 minutes.

Realme Band can receive almost all app notifications and show some corresponding icons including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Messenger, SMS and more. It features a dedicated Cricket Mode, which has been designed especially for India. It comes with IP68 certification, making it water and dust resistance.


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