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Quarantine boredom? Here are the best apps for group video calling

Are you tired of spending the day at home and hearing relatives and friends one at a time? Do you want to know which are the best video calling applications? We at Techpera will upset the monotonous daily routine with the list of the best apps for video calls.

Today we present some of the best free applications to make video chat currently available on the market with the related links where you can find them.

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Below are some of the angles touched:

1 Whatsapp
2 Zoom Cloud Metings
3 Skype
4 HouseParty


The most popular & used instant messaging service in the world is WhatsApp. Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that it is possible to make calls between users or even make video conferences of up to 4 people. Here is a short explanatory video on how to make a single call.

To make group calls, instead, you will need to select the green button at the bottom right of the call section: select a new group call and select participants.

It is possible to download and install the WhatsApp application through the app stores of your smartphones or click here for Apple and Android.

Zoom Cloud Metings

Better known as Zoom, it is a platform that allows you to simply make a video connection with up to 100 people for 40 minutes in the free version. While the duration is unlimited if only two people perform it.

Mainly used for remote business meetings, it is becoming a must among groups of friends to spend the moments locked up at home together.

Very simple and quick to use, you can have it both as an application on your mobile phone and your pc, on the latter you can also have nice animated backgrounds to give a more likeable look to our workstation.


The progenitor of video calls has several years on his shoulders, but he still manages to defend himself well. Skype has become an integral- part of the Microsoft ecosystem. It is very intuitive, allowing you to have smartphones, PCs, tablets, and some smart devices such as Alexa Echo Show or Google Nest Hub interconnected.

It is possible to have 50 people connected in a group, and, in addition to video calls, it is possible to send documents and photos like a normal chat, offering the possibility to interact more fully in the interlocution.

HouseParty is the youngest among the applications dedicated to group video calls. If essentially the functions are the same, it differs from the competition for the particularities inside it.

In addition to video calling and chat, it is possible to use internal filters of the application to play with friends. For example, we can play Pictionary, a trivial game similar to Trivial (unfortunately only in English) and more.


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