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Qualcomm says COVID-19 won’t affect the chip industry, predicts full 5G expansion this year

US fabless chipmaker Qualcomm has stated that the current chip industry is relatively less affected by the new Coronavirus pandemic. This position was revealed by Qualcomm’s global vice president Hou Mingjuan who added that the chip industry won’t be affected due to the high globalization of the supply chain and the relatively long links in the industrial chain.

Hou Mingjuan also hinted that the superb management and control of the supply chain by manufacturers had to a certain extent resisted the impact of the epidemic. Using the US chipmaker for reference, he stated that Qualcomm does not have a production line but focuses on design, sales, technology research and development. The fabless chip manufacturer has a close partnership with many packaging and testing manufacturers. The company’s supply chain management team is also constantly in close communication with global suppliers without interruption every day. This, he said, has kept the production and supply of wafers basically normal.

From a product perspective, Qualcomm has launched a relatively rich 5G product portfolio in the past few years, including baseband chips, mobile platforms, and antenna modules. Only from February to March of this year (2020), there have been ten brands of mobile phones from different manufacturers, all powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 was released. In addition, the Snapdragon 700 series 5G chipset that as launched in December last year has featured in several mid-range 5G smartphones already.

Hou Mingjuan believes that last year was the first year of traditional 5G. 5G obtained rapid commercial deployment in the world last year. He predicts 5G will be fully expanded this year. Some of the reasons for this prediction from the network level is that this year’s 5G networking has evolved from a non-independent network to an independent network. Secondly, 5G smartphones have seen rapid expansion from flagship-only models to the mid-range segment. With this expansion, more users can get the opportunity to enjoy the super fast internet speed which 5G offers. In addition, 5G will also expand to several terminals such as 5G PCs, 5G VR and XR and lost more.


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