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Purported list of Xiaomi IoT- products launching in Europe soon leaks

When Xiaomi first made its entry into Europe, some persons were left disappointed with the number of products that were available to buy. Xiaomi has garnered a towering reputation for its large ecosystem consisting of smartphones, smartwatches, smart home gadgets and other IoT products. Over time, the Chinese brand has released more products on Mi Stores across various European cities. The company may even be planning to release more IoT products in Europe if a leaked list of upcoming Xiaomi IoT products is to be believed.

The list is said to contain Xiaomi’s product roadmap for the European market and contains some products that haven’t been launched at all, like the mi TV Stick. Also, some of the products have already been announced when Xiaomi announced the Mi 10 series for Europe. The Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 is one of them, the Mi AIoT Router AC2350 is another. Both products alongside the Mi Robot Vaccum Mop 1C and Mi TV Stick are expected to be released in May.

Other products on the list include the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C, Mi Home Security Camera 1080p (Magnetic Mount), Mi Smart Home Hub, Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 and Mi LED Smart Bulb White, expected to be released in June. The Mi Electric Scooter 1S, Mi Electric Scooter Lite, Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro, Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential, Mi Light Sensor FCA HK and Mi Portable Photo Printer are scheduled for release in Europe in July.

This is amazing news, even though it still remains a rumour at this point. If it turns -out to be true, it is definitely the right step in the right direction for a company who has got a huge following in Europe.


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