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PS5 avoiods one of the terrible error of PS3

There is no turning back of Sony PS5 on backwards compatibility from every indication,as the PS5 system’s chief architect Mark Cerny pointed out that crucial functionality is not going to be on the block even for cheaper later versions of the PS5 console.

on march 18th,while speaking in a PS5 live stream,Cerny spoke widely about the technical capabilities of the next-gen PlayStation, focusing on its SSD drive – a first for a PlayStation console – 3D audio, and ray tracing. (Cerny has become “quite hopeful” on the benefits of ray tracing, he tells us.)

We also got a bit knowledge about plans for backwards compatibility, with “almost everything” of what Cerny describes to as the 100 top PS4 games which are compatible with the console from launch – and more possibly to follow during the console’s lifespan.

Also we were informed that backwards compatibility would be in every PlayStation 5 console, and won’t be discarded as Sony finds ways to minimize the cost of the console down over the course of its lifespan.

“hence backward compatibility is on the console, it is,” Cerny said. “It is not as if a deduced cost eliminated backward compatibility just as it did on PlayStation 3.

pertaining to those with short memories, the original PS3 had dedicated internal hardware to run PS2 discs, but this was only the case with the launch units. Later iterations like the cheaper PS3 Slim shipped without PS2 compatibility to minimize costs,actually forcing gamers to choose between support for their back catalogue of PS2 games or the lower price of the sleeker Slim console.

irrespective of Sony’s plans for future console versions in the years ahead,It is a relief to know that this will not be the case with the PS5.

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PS5 Slim: a presumably future

This bodes well for latest console editions that is about coming. A PS5 Slim can be planned, though history is of the opinion we’ll have to wait a while after launch. The PS3 Slim (2009) was released three years after the original PS3 console, which hit the markets in 2006. We also saw a similar time gap between the PS4 (2013) and the PS4 Slim (2016).

probably we may withness a PS5 Slim in 2023,which is likely to give the mainline console some time to reduce in price and set up a dedicated audience before Sony launched a more wallet-friendly version.

What is likely to be the new price tag? It is cumbersome to speculate, as we do not know the price of the normal ol and apos; PS5 yet, though in the scenario where the first PS5 console is priced at $ 500 / £ 500 / AU $ 750, we probably will see a Slim version closer to $ 400 / £ 400 / $ 600.

For comparison, the PS4 Slim cost at $300 / £260 / AU$440, down from the $400 / £400 / AU$550 retail price of the original PS4.

Rumors have it that, unsubstantiated, we may add that Sony launched two consoles in late 2020, with a basic PS5 and a more advanced model of PS5 Pro, but we believe that it is highly unlikely so far.

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