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People stuck indoors spend a record $23.4 billion in Apps in Q1 2020

While many economies and industries across the globe have seen a decline due to the ongoing crisis, the software side sees a contrary pattern. The time people spend on their smartphones has increased, and with it, the amount of spending on apps as well. Since people are stuck indoors, a record 23.4 billion US Dollars have been spent in Q1 of 2020 alone.

From a new report from App Annie, the first quarter of 2020 saw the most significant number of purchases and consumer spending on applications. Furthermore, statistics have even revealed that the average weekly time spent on apps and games worldwide has increased by about 20 percent over 2019. This translates to a record increase in consumer spending on the app stores that are available across the globe.

App Annie reported on a total of 23.4 billion US Dollars in consumer purchases, out of which $15 billion came from the iOS App Store from Apple and $8.3 billion from Google Play on the Android OS. Both popular platforms saw a year on year increase of 5 percent over 2019. Additionally, non-gaming applications accounted for about 35 percent of consumer spending on iOS and 15 percent on Google Play.

Thus, a vast majority of 16.7 billion US Dollars has been spent on games in this quarter. Data reports show that the US and China were the most significant contributors to consumer purchases on iOS, while Japan and South Korea were the largest for Google Play. Popular apps in Android OS include games, social media and entertainment apps, including streaming services like Disney+ and Twitch.



However, iOS users spent a majority on Games, Entertainment and Photo and Video apps. This includes TikTok, which recently broke into the top 5 of consumer spending apps in iOS, just behind YouTube and Tinder. Notably, 31 billion new apps were also downloaded during this period, which is an increase of 15 percent over last year. This shows the scale of social distancing and isolation that is taking place due to global Coronavirus fears.


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