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Over 1,000 online photography courses are now available for free

With thousands of people now stuck at home, organizations and institutions around the world are unlocking some of their paid services so the public can access these resources for free online.

In accordance with the footsteps of Cambridge University and JSTOR, the Professional Photographers of America association has made known that its catalogue of over a thousand online photography courses will be accessible for free for the next two weeks.

Over 1,100 courses are available, ranging across a variety of topics for beginners and more advanced photographers – from Lightroom tutorials to how to use a flash – with the courses open to both individuals and small business.

The only thing you need to do is set up a free account on the PPA website, and you’ll automatically get directed to the list of courses. No specific end date is mentioned on the site, but the courses were unlocked on March 21, meaning they will be available to everyone until at least April 4.


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