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Opt-in now into Facebook dark mode-here’s how to get it

It is of my pleasure to bring notice to you that you can now switch over to facebook night mode , here’s how it works Facebook dark mode is finally rolling out. After months of testing and teasing, the company has announced that it’s now begun the official launch of its new desktop interface, complete with a switch to toggle the new dark color scheme.

“Starting today,many people on Facebook will have access to the new desktop design,” a spokesperson for the company confirmed this to TechCrunch.

To get Started

To activate the Facebook.com redesign, go to the Settings Menu -> “See New Facebook.” To disable it, users can return and hit “Switch to Classic Facebook.”

Facebook has been testing this rollout since October, and it seems positive feedback led it to today’s rollout. It comes just weeks after Facebook launched a sweeping redesign of Messenger that removed its Discover tab, demoting the visibility of businesses and chatbots. The company has spent the last two years promising to simplify its apps after a decade of making them more visually complex.

Facebook is in the challenging position of actually still being popular 16 years after its launch. That means the desktop site has built up a ton of cruft as the company adds features that appeal to only subsets of its users. While on mobile, most of that extra stuff is shoved in a navigation drawer; on desktop, it’s all laid out and can overwhelm our senses. While most Facebooking happens on mobile now, keeping happy the hardcore desktop users who create tons of content for the social network is critical to its longevity and its ad views.


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