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Oppo’s Hyderabad R&D Centre filed over 50 patents in a year, nearly 30% in Camera tech

Oppo established an R&D (Research and Development) centre in India a year ago. Now, in an interview with Gadgets Now, Tasleem Arif, the Vice President and Head of this centre, share the achievements they have accomplished so far.

The Oppo R&D centre, located in India’s Hyderabad, is the company’s most important centre with 350 employees. Also, it is the firm’s only R&D centre outside mainland China. According to Mr. Arif, this centre played a crucial role in many of the new Oppo technologies, including VOOC 3.0, globalization of ColorOS 7, and the brand’s F17 smartphone, which was launched in January.

He also revealed that they had filed over 50 patents this year, out of which 30% are in imaging, and 20% are in the network space. Further, he also mentioned some of the areas they have filed a patent for, which include camera and image processing, battery, 5G networks, system performance, payments, AI and gaming.

Additionally, Oppo has announced a $7 billion global investment in R&D over the next three years. This investment will be used to develop core technologies in hardware, software, and systems. The company will also work in 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and other similar techs. Plus, the company has allocated $143 million in 2020 to support developers across the globe to boost its operating ecosystem.

OPPO, the Chinese consumer’s electronics and smartphone maker, has quietly been bolstering its technology capabilities. Liu Chang, the appointed new head of OPPO’s research institute, reported the research schools will focus on accelerating the development of 3 main areas—software, hardware, and standards and will emphasize cutting-edge research in the areas including 5G, AI, and image processing-.

OPPO has also been working in hand with universities across the globe. The company has jointly structured up a lab with Stanford University named the OPPO Stanford Collaboration Lab to explore AI technology and applications. For research in 5G, OPPO has collaborated up with New York University and several top-ranking universities in China at large.

Chen Mingyong, CEO of OPPO, reported the company is taking a step further to improve innovation and is pushing itself to become the head in developing and applying AI, 5G and other techs. to the top.”
OPPO is among a horde of Chinese technology companies that are seeking to bolster their tech capabilities. Tech giants, including Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and Sogou, have all increased their spending on AI research and other emerging technologies over the past year. And 5G is a new battleground that major world powers like China and the US are trying to conquer.

Lastly, Mr. Tasleem Arif expects the Hyderabad Oppo R&D center to be 500 intense by the end of 2020 as they have been hiring skilled people from prestigious Indian institutions like IIT, IIIT, and NIT.


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