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OPPO successfully conducts first 5G VoNR Voice & Video call with a customized Reno3

5G is being rolled out in countries all around the world and users can experience near gigabit speeds on their smartphones. But 5G was designed to bring about a more comprehensive upgrade to devices, which includes significant improvements in voice and video calls too. VoNR (Voice over New Radio) is the next-generation version of VoLTE (Voice over LTE), and OPPO, in partnership with MediaTek and Ericsson, has conducted the first VoNR Voice and Video call.

The current 5G networks are built around the existing 4G LTE infrastructure (Non-standalone systems). So your smartphones with 5G data support still use VoLTE for voice calls. However, network operators will soon start deploying SA (Standalone) network architecture for 5G networks, which allows carriers and device makers to enable VoNR calls. OPPO’s official press release stated that the VoNR request made with its customized Dimensity 1000L smartphone (likely Reno3) had significantly “lower latency, improved sound quality and picture quality.” The company added that this will eventually lead to an “elevated overall experience for users”.

The 5G VoNR call was successfully carried out under a 5G SA network provided by Ericsson at its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. OPPO adds that “after dialling, the two phones that are connected almost instantly and then seamlessly switched to a high-definition video call with a single keypress”.

OPPO has become one of the first smartphone brands to successfully test VoNR services on its smartphone. With network operators all set to deploy 5G over SA architecture in the second half of 2020, VoNR should become an essential feature of 5G phones in the coming years.

The future of interactions is 5G, and today three significant firms collectively made a massive action in the direction of the next-gen connection. Oppo revealed in a news release that it has carried out a VoNR call on among its very own customized mobile phones with a Mediatek Dimensity 1000 L chipset over a 5G SA network setting, given by Ericsson.

The news release specified that the VoNR had substantially reduced latency, enhanced top audio quality and image high quality, which will, at some point, bring about “a raised total experience for customers “. Andy Wu, VP and President of Software Engineering Business Unit at Oppo, claimed the firm “proactively functions to speed up large commercialization of 5G “.

VoNR represents Voice over New Radio, with New Radio being the primary name of the 5G networks. This indicates it can position a phone call counting totally on the 5G style. SA varies from the NSA (non-standalone) with the capacity to run with its very own antennas, as opposed to making use of the LTE facilities.


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