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OPPO files patent for a new smart band design

OPPO made a foray into the smartwatch market recently with the launch of the OPPO Watch. The OPPO Watch turned out to be very popular with fans and could give the company the needed opening to break into the smart wearable market. Perhaps, as a way of consolidating the gains made wit the Oppo Watch, the company has reportedly filed a new patent application in China for a wearable device. The patent is specifically for a new smart band.OPPO Smart band

The patent application detailed the smart band to feature a small screen that can display time, and can also display notifications from mobile phones, steps counter, etc. The contacts on the bottom indicate that the wearable device is designed for magnetic charging and is equipped with a heart rate sensor. Like most smart bands on the market, it will also double as a fitness tracker.OPPO Smart band

The design also reveals a metal ring that surrounds the outside of the pebble-shaped device. Although it makes it look unique, we can’t tell why the company chose to include such a design. One can find a groove on one side of the metal ring, which may be a pressure-sensitive button to wake up the device. There are also opening on either side of the smart band, which is likely where the straps will fit.OPPO Smart band patentOPPO Smart band

The patent didn’t reveal any detail as regards the internal hardware and functions of the device. We can’t even tell if OPPO will mass-product the design any time soon, but we’ll be on the lookout for more details.

As can be viewed from the sketch, the patented Oppo smartwatch has a regular watch strap and a rectangular-shaped screen. A special feature of this very smartwatch is that the display module is very foldable so that the user has a bigger screen area within no time if desired. The design will fit both those who prefer wearing their watch on the left or right hand. When it is worn on the right hand, the foldable screen extends into the wrist, whereas the left hand extends into the back of the palm. Such a design will enable the screen will get some base support and won’t be hanging in the air.OPPO foldable smartwatch

The smartwatch has two modes; a folded and unfolded mode. When unfolded, the screen area is increased up to 200%, giving you up to three times more screen space. The user interface will also change depending on the mobile device being make use of. In the folded position- the extra display part is directory stored in the watch case under the main screen. The watch case has a recessed groove under which the screen can as well slide out. The folding process is fully automatic rather than manual.

There is no update if OPPO has actually got a foldable smartwatch in development. The company is yet to release a foldable phone. So, we don’t see a foldable smartwatch coming out any time soon.


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