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OPPO explains why it split up Ace lineup into an independent series

Earlier today (14th April 2020), Oppo had officially released the Oppo Ace2. It’s a high end device with top notch specs like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 SoC and a 90Hz refresh rate display panel as well. However, after the release, a senior executive of Oppo revealed why the company split up Ace lineup into an independent series.

Soon after the launch conference, Oppo held a press conference as well. In this, the Product Manager of Oppo Ace2, Wu Di, and Wang Shiming, the Senior Hardware Engineer of Oppo, answered various questions regarding the smartphone. One question answered why the Ace is an independent series. The company wanted to make up for the mid to high end product, while also better catering to the needs of the market segment.

In other words, Oppo made the decision after carefully formulating and startegizing according to the current market situation. The senior executive believed that an independent series could better target the trending demands of the market and also bridge the mid to high end product line gap as well.

Wu Di also explained the reason for opting for a 90Hz panel over a 120Hz panel. According to him, there is no one step adopting of 120Hz refresh rate. He stated that even if it is trending, it is not perfect and its implementation and compatibility is still low. Another notable reason was the power consumption and heat generation since the battery drain is significantly higher with a faster refresh rate, which may even have some games making the device run even hotter.


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