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OPPO Enco W31 TWS -earbuds: Features low audio delays, with only 94ms of latency

Earlier today (13th April 2020), Oppo shared various videos regarding its new Enco W31 Truly wireless earbuds. It is the latest entry in the Enco series and is touted to be a Bluetooth earphone with one of the lowest delays in audio, with a latency of just 94ms.

Notably, Oppo has already launched the Enco W31 truly wireless earbuds in India back in March 2020. It is a pair of affordable TWS earphones and features a 13.4 mm ultra dynamic speaker system. The hearables are currently available in black, pink and white variants and features different modes like bass mode or even balanced mode.

However, one of its notable features is undoubtedly its lower delay. For those unaware, Bluetooth earphones suffer from a major issue that plagues many wireless headsets. This issue is latency, which is the delay between the audio being outputted from the video or other sources and the sound actually being played in the speakers.

Any latency above 100ms is easier to notice, and sometimes during videos, one may notice a slight delay in audio with wireless earphones. The Oppo Enco W31, however, doesn’t suffer from this as severely. While 94ms is still not as responsive as wired headphones, it is still a notable improvement and users will not notice any delays during daily use.

he OPPO Enco Free true wireless headset is very similar to AirPods 2 in appearance and comes in white, black and pink colors. Also, the earplugs are half-in design, but it can be turned into shallow headphones through the ear cap.

In terms of function, OPPO Enco Free uses an AI algorithm, which can automatically identify and separate noise and the human voice. When making a phone call, the other party can hear the call even if the user is faced with a noisy environment.

In terms of sound quality, OPPO Enco Free has ultra-dynamic loudspeakers and the blessing of 6 technology patents. Also, OPPO Enco Free has Bluetooth low-delay dual transmission technology, in the game scene, the delay is as low as 120ms.


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