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OnePlus TV remote has been revealed – and it looks strangely familiar

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shown off the remote for the new OnePlus TV and it certainly wouldn’t be like comparing. Apple to oranges to say it looks to be taking design cues from a certain California-based giant.

The OnePlus TV is yet to be officially revealed. but the folks that Never Settle have been keen to reveal a lot of stuff ahead of time – including a look at the remote for the TV. Which looks a lot like the Apple TV Siri remote.

The OnePlus TV remote likely wasn’t high on the list of features. people have been curious about for the upcoming telly – but here’s what we know about it now.

The OnePlus TV remote comes with the usual Android navigation buttons, a dedicated button for Google Assistant button and what appears to be a directional button/touchpad for navigation.

There’s two other intriguing buttons included on the OnePlus TV remote. First, we have a OnePlus button – we don’t know what this will be used for, but our best guesses are that it could either function as a smart home button or power button.

And there’s a blank button too. A user-programmable key, perhaps?

Some users will also be happy to see the remote take the step forward in I/O. with the inclusion of USB-C on the bottom of the device.

While OnePlus has been quite forthcoming about its TV’s features.

The biggest reveal so far came from a listing on Amazon India. The listing revealed the OnePlus TV will support Dolby Vision, feature a QLED display and house eight speakers.

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Aside from OnePlus TV, the Chinese firm looks to be hard at work on the OnePlus 7T. Late last month, images emerged showing the’ upcoming OnePlus device with a circular camera module on the back – a big design shift from the current OnePlus 7 line.


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