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Oclean X Pro Review: probably the world’s smartest toothbrush


Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush has today shown up on Xiaomi YOUPIN and Indiagogo, a Xiaomi official online shop. Thanks to the Xiaomi ecosystem, Xiaomi’s excellent supply chain partners are able to develop their own brand’s products but with the same Xiaomi quality, and, more importantly, sell the products on the YOUPIN Online shop. Oclean is absolutely one of them. The Oclean team has focused on tooth health and developed various models for years. Speaking of their latest model, the Oclean X Pro, it was claimed as not just an effective electric toothbrush but also the world’s smartest toothbrush. But how smart is it?


From the appearance design of the Oclean X Pro, it’s easy to have some associations with products from Xiaomi universe, a kind of minimalistic design. In the cardboard box, users will have a toothbrush body with a brush head, a Micro USB small charging station with cable and user manuals in both Chinese and English. There’s one brush head included, so users can select a multi-pack combination or just reorder brush heads when they want to replace the brush head, which is not too expensive. And in some regions, Oclean Rewards Program supports users to trade in brushing points for free brush heads in their App. About the program users can find more information in the Oclean App.

The biggest innovation of the Oclean X Pro is that it equips a 0.95inch color touchscreen, which is rarely seen on previous toothbrush products. At first glance, it’s no surprise that the touchscreen is the most attractive detail of Oclean X Pro. More importantly, the touchscreen is not just a useless marketing technique but really brought great experience. For example, users can customize personal cleaning modes and brushing time through the touchscreen. In addition, it detects your brushing motion and generates instant reports on your brushing technique.


The toothbrush surface is made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish. The solution here is brilliant: the slighter plastic body leads to weight reduction (weight<100g) and better hand feeling. To protect users’ oral cavity from brushing damage or discomfort, the Oclean X Pro adapted both hardware and software solutions. From hardware, special-designed antibacterial brush heads are customized to prevent bleeding from incorrect brushing; from software, the Oclean X Pro uses AI-Controlled Pressure sensitive Sonic technology to automatically adjust brushing strength. Meanwhile, to ensure users to have better knowledge about their own brushing, a built-in 6-axis gyroscope detects blind zone left during every brushing. Users can learn it on the display and improve their brushing skills.

The Oclean X Pro uses a new generation of maglev brushless motor to bring you a flagship efficient tooth cleaning experience. Its highest frequency is 40000 rpm, high vibration pendulum, can impact tooth stains at high speed, in addition, the maximum torque of the Oclean X Pro is 220gf. Cm, high output, can clean dental plaque vigorously.

IPX7 Waterproof body

The Oclean X Pro has level-IPX7 Dust&water-proofing certification, so there is no need to worry about watering.
Battery life & Charging

The small charging station can give the toothbrush a full-charge in 2 hours, and also be used as a wall mount to save space. The full-charged battery life in standby is 21 days, which is good enough as we consider the power consumed from the color display.

Oclean App

The Oclean X Pro supports Bluetooth connection, through which it can transmit users’ brushing data to the Oclean App, and help users get rid of incorrect brushing. With the Oclean App, you can check your personal brushing report, blind zone detection overview and family profiles, which is smart and practical in users’ family life. And if you are not going to use it with the App, there is no problem to access many cleaning modes through the button.


The Oclean X Pro is definitely one of those great daily-used products that would improve your life quality. Most people used to harm their oral cavities using a traditional toothbrush and then people started used electric toothbrushes to get a higher cleaning effect, but without a dentist, people are still having little knowledge about how to get the correct brushing. Our tester told us that the Oclean X Pro is a kind of smart toothbrush born to fix the problem.


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