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Nintendo Switch Games for Girls – The Top Picks

Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

Have you always wanted to know the best Nintendo Switch games for girls before you stumbled upon this page?

Congratulations as you just landed on the right page.

First of all, I would like to remind you that this post is without the intention of offending anyone or stereotyping.

It is only to entertain and does not mean that a man cannot enjoy these games or that a girl has to like all of the games here.

Obviously, many girls enjoy games like FIFA, Call of Duty, and other games usually categorized “for men or boys”.

So if you are interested in knowing the top Nintendo Switch games for girls, let’s dive in;

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

Below are the top Nintendo Switch games for girls based on recommendations from female gamers across the globe. So let’s get started;

  1. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the best Nintendo switches Barbie games.

It is the third best-selling game for Nintendo 3Ds only being surpassed by Mario and Pokémon.

Animal Crossing is a daily activity game with interior decorating and design aspects as you create your ideal town.

Most of the girls I know who have tried discovered that the game is extremely addictive.

  1. Style Savvy: Trendsetters

This game ranks high on the list Nintendo switches fashion for girls not only because it is an excellent game focused on girls and fashionistas, but because it is the only game that is more difficult to be enjoyed by men on this list.

The style series has been on Nintendo’s portable consoles for a long time with several deliveries on Nintendo DS and currently its most recent delivery.

The game consists of having your clothing, accessories, and makeup boutique. Satisfying the needs of your customers.

It has thousands of clothing designs and catwalk contests where you must meet style challenges.

The only defect is that it is only in English, which is a shame because those who do not master the language will put it aside for that.

Therefore, it is an excellent game for those who love clothes and style. Meanwhile, for testing, there are 2 demos in the eShop.

  1. Harvest Moon

Forget the bad little farm games on Facebook and mobile phones, this is a good farm game, in which you can have a very complete farm life simulator, where you have to do activities from milking your cows to harvesting the field.

I highly recommend it. Meanwhile, it is available only in English, including the most recent version of Nintendo 3DS, although the best was on Nintendo Wii.

  1. Fantasy Life

Are you a beginner girl who wants to get into RPG games? Then, this is your choice.

Fantasy Life is one of the Nintendo Switch games for beginners developed by those who made Ninokuni on PS3.

It combines the charm of life simulation games with adventure dynamics and RPG elements.

In the game, you level up by completing various tasks in the 12 levels making the game a very fun addition.

With simple controls, local and online multiplayer, good graphics, and funny dialogue.

It is a perfect choice among Nintendo 3DS RPGs.

  1. Wii Fit

In general, girls like to be in shape more than men, and what better if it includes yoga and fun exercises.

Wii Fit was not to the liking of hardcore gamers, however, this game became one of the best sellers in history despite its high price.

The game helps you lose weight and tone effectively, as well as relax the body and improve posture, thanks to yoga and included games.

The main flaws that Wii Fit has do not apply to the female audience.

Yes, the game is not effective to build volume or a lot of mass which is not necessary for girls because they do not require large amounts of weight and equipment, unlike guys.

  1. Kirby Epic Yarn

Sweet Kirby is a very cute character and many girls like him.

And what’s better than its Nintendo Wii installment where the yarn-type graphics make the game even more adorable.

The most difficult level is easy to play because instead of dying, you only lose your collectibles.

Therefore, it can be perfect for beginner girls as well as giving you the option to play the adventure with 2 simultaneous players.

  1. Just Dance

It is well known that many girls love to dance, I have seen that they even dance alone, which is not very common for men to do, so the is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for a girlfriend.

Therefore, if you want fun with movement, then this is an option.

This game made it to this list because it is from Nintendo but in case you have Xbox I recommend the Central Dance game.

  1. Nintendogs + Cats

Girls love pets!

And after the Tamagotchis left our lives, Nintendo came with this game of dogs and kittens.

It is the best and one of the most recent installments from Nintendo 3DS which has excellent reviews and an excellent recommendation for girls who love pets.

It is easily one of the best switch games for girls.

  1. Super Mario 1, 2, 3…

Obviously, this is a game for all audiences and therefore the perfect option for little girls as well.

It has interesting gameplay loaded with a lot of fun.

Super Mario 1, 2, 3… can also be categorized under the Nintendo Switch games for kids.

  1. Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi life also made it to this list of Nintendo Switch games for girls.

Many girls I know liked this game a lot so it is highly recommended.

Tomodachi Life is a fun and recommended experience.

Conclusion – Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

I hope you love this list of the Nintendo Switch games for girls.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to share this list with your girlfriends who might find this article exciting.

All you need to do is to hit the social share buttons below.

So, what other games do you consider good for girls who are starting in the field of video games?

Don’t forget to leave them in the comment box.


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