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Next Apple Watch could feature Touch ID and sleep tracking

The Apple Watch 6 could be with us at some point this year, assuming the coronavirus epidemic doesn’t delay its launch, and a new rumour suggests some of the features it could bring: Touch ID, sleep tracking and monitoring blood oxygen level.

That’s according to the Israeli site The Verifier and the YouTube channel update, which are not among the best sources for Apple leaks – so treat those leaks with a bit of skepticism for now.

It should be noted that monitoring the oxygen saturation of the blood has already planned for the next Apple Watch, as will the addition of sleep tracking – these features were spotted in the first iOS 14 code and may well be on the way.

Touch ID on Apple’s laptop would be a little more unexpected, but we’ve seen Apple patents explore this idea. It is not yet clear whether a potential fingerprint reader would be integrated into the watch screen or the digital crown on the side.

Internal sources speaking to The Verifier and update also shared some additional information: unsurprisingly, the shape of the Apple Watch will not change in the foreseeable future, so we won’t see a circular model anytime soon.

Meanwhile, watchOS 7 requirements are likely to be too high for the Apple Watch Series 2. Apple likes to support products with software updates for five years, but rumour has it that the Series 2 will be discontinued this time. Here and go to watchOS 6.

The only other advance information we get from this leak is that watchOS 7 is going to be a “great upgrade” – so do what you want with it. Sleep tracking, blood oxygen monitoring and Touch ID would certainly be as important to us.

With health and fitness features as a major selling point for the Apple Watch series, it is certain that we will see more and more of these types of features added over the years – it’s just a question of how much will the cut for the Apple Watch 6.


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