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Netflix shows may likely start drying up in late 2020, if production delays continue

If you have been attentive to the best Netflix shows of currently, you will be aware of both the powerful thriller Stranger Things – expected to get its fourth season this season and the reach medieval fantasy The Witcher TV event show. Last week, though, both shows were shut down, now Netflix seeks out ways around that for many of its shows, like the remote table.

It has been confirming by Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, that the streaming service’s original events have halted production globally, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, shutting down shoots and in-person meetings

“Every one of our services around the world is shut down,” adding that, “I believe that’s unprecedented in history” (via The Hollywood Reporter).
According to Sarandos,

The best Netflix series to the date below

While this should not affect imminent show releases, or series about to drop the 2nd half of a season – given that Netflix wants to wrap up production, a decent measure of the time before release – it does mean that the Netflix displays a little earlier in production are likely to get delayed. Netflix also says you are more likely to see the effects deeper into 2020 if production delays continue.

“We work far ahead,” explained Sarandos. We ensure to deliver all of our shows with all episodes at the same time, so we are far ahead. We do not find any disruption in our production over the coming months. You know, maybe any time later, if this progresses long, you’ll start feeling some of that as the physical production is not operating.”

Where can I be opportune watch The Witcher again?

we may well experience delays to the release date for each show’s next season: The Witcher season 2, and Stranger Things season 4.For fans of the long-running Stranger Things, or new-for-2019 The Witcher TV show,

depending on the extent of this production delay – could end up being pushed back later in the year, if not into 2022. Having commenced shooting in February 2020, it’s unlikely things got very far before the closures, The next season of The Witcher was sc for a 2021 launching

The Production on Stranger Things took off in March 2020, and it is unclear when the show was meant to be launched. The Duffer brothers tend to pin season begins dates around public holidays – Halloween, 4th of July, etc. so a delayed launching could mess with the schedule, even pushing the show back an entire year to maintain to the same date.


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