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Netflix and YouTube services’s limitation has been asked by EU to prevent network crash

content providers like Netflix and Youtube has been asked by the EU to ensure limitation to their service so as to avoid network crash by the increase in traffic.

The crash of networks are feared under the face of the surge of content streaming, online gaming and remote work caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

perhaps providers insist network infrastructure can cope with traffic fluctuations, Brussels has asked streaming services to limit content to standard definition – as opposed to high definition or 4K – and users to consider minimizing data consumption.

Coronavirus internet connection

Domestic broadband is duely equipped to handle unexpected traffic inrush, but social distancing and quarantine policies introduced by governments across the nation are further exaggerating these periods of high traffic.

Scott Petty, CTO at UK telecoms firm Vodafone, says top traffic is no longer limited to the evenings, but now extends from noon to 9pm.

Meanwhile, Telecom Italia noted that the increase in Italian data traffic over the weekend, with online games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty responsible for a significant proportion of the jump is about 75% increase

According to Thierry Breton, a European commissioner responsible for digital policy, telecoms companies, content platforms and users share a “joint responsibility to take steps to ensure the smooth functioning of the internet” during periods of quarantine.

Netflix has accepted additional traffic could pose problems, but emphasized towards existing measures that allow the company to adjust content resolution based on available bandwidth.

“Commissioner Breton is right to comment on the importance of ensuring that the Internet continues to operate smoothly during this critical time,” said a Netflix spokesperson.

“We have focused on network efficiency for many years, including providing our open connection service free of charge to telecommunications companies.”


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