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Netflix agrees as requested by EU to lower streaming quality to minimize fluctuation of network

Some Moments after EU called on telecom and streaming service providers to help reduce network congestion during the corona-virus pandemic, Netflix hereby accepted that it will lower its streaming bit-rate for the next 30 days.

“according to the discussions between [Internal Market and Services] Commissioner Thierry Breton and Reed Hastings , given the serious issues raised by the corona-virus , Netflix decided to start decreasing bit rates across all our streams in Europe for 30 days,” the company said in a report.

Netflix’s data consumption would be reduced, due to The overall reduction in bit-rates by about 25%, which is pretty substantial as the service on average uses between 1.9 GB and 2.55 GB per hour of streamed HD video.

some users will experience a poor video quality while others might not, though no user should experience a significant loss in quality, according to Netflit in a statement. kudos to Netflix’s streamlined compression algorithms That said for those who want to do more, the Eu Commission urges users to switch to standard definition when HD and 4K content aren’t necessary.

Chipping in to maintain the network operation

Stated earlier, Netflix’s decrease in bit- rate is just one of many necessary humanity services Europeans will have to render to minimize network fluctuation as many people work from home and self-quarantine.

grateful enough, the European Commission says that no outages or adverse affects have so far been reported, but it says that the decrease in bit-rate and actions like it could prevent issues from emerging as more members of the population turn to streaming video for entertainment.

on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commented that the site is experiencing a big spike in traffic, due to the corona virus and says vis-avis for its apps, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Vodafone, one of Europe’s largest providers, also reported a 50% increase in internet use in Europe earlier this week.

currently, those living outside Europe will not experience a reduction in streaming quality ,but this situation does provide a warning of what could come if the corona-virus pandemic worsens.


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